How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

"The substitute for inspiration is coffee" – This statement won't be a wrong one to make, as the list can be endless for all the reasons why coffee is an excellent part of the day, especially for a coffee lover.  

Coffee comes in different shapes, forms, sizes, and tastes; the fun part is that it allows us to use our creative minds and make unique beverage recipes. The same is the case with Nitro Cold Brew, a type of coffee that potentially changes the perception of what the entire beverage itself is capable of offering. 

What Exactly Does Nitro Cold Brew Offer?

As fancy as it sounds, Nitro Cold Brew awards us with an enjoyment of a chilled drink through coffee-nitrogen gas infusion. In addition to being a regular cold beverage, it is called Nitro because Nitrogen gas is added to build up white foam on top of the drink, making it creamy, rich, and much smoother compared to other types of similar beverages. 

Moreover, this nitrogen gas causes mini bubbles to join closely together in the coffee that makes up the foam on the drinking head, resulting in a much thicker than usual mix. But apart from creamy thick foam, what makes the coffee so unique is the taste that comes from the nitrogen process. As a result, the coffee itself gives a naturally sweet taste which eliminates the need for using sugar.

The Process

Surprisingly, the process of making homemade nitro cold brew is pretty simple with the use of a compressed nitrogen gas catridge and a Nitro dispenser. You can find these nitro cartridges online, and you can use them in a keg, in a Nitro dispenser, or even in a whipped cream dispenser. But, making it at home by yourself undoubtedly gives a whole different feel of satisfaction.

The two significant steps required are to brew cold coffee and then fill it with nitrogen gas.

  1. For the first step, a cold brew coffee maker is required which will simply combine your desired amount of coffee at room temperature in cold water. Steeping the mixture can take up to 16 hours, and it's better to let it sit overnight before filtering.
  2. After the cold brew coffee is ready, it is time to add the nitrogen gas. This process is done by adding a nitrogen cartridge to either a Nitro dispenser or like mentioned before, a whipped cream dispenser.

Just add your filtered brewed coffee into the dispenser, insert the gas cartridge to fill the dispenser with the gas, and enjoy the drink.

Nitro chargers are the key to making the coffee naturally sweet and creating a thick, high-quality foam to serve a smooth, creamy, and milky tasting coffee.

One of the best things about these N2 cartridges is that they are not only limited to coffee, but can also be used for other drinks such as teas, cocktails, chocolate, and, of course, beers. 

To Conclude

Nitro cold brew most definitely comes under the luxurious category of drinks which is a must-try for any coffee lover. It is worth a skill to try at home and, if mastered, can easily impress almost anyone.

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