USER MANUAL- ICO 4 Blade Metal Vegetable Spiralizer

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    1. ATTACH Handle
    • **Handle arrives assembled in the opposite direction to save space when shipping.
    • Pull steel shaft away form blade board to remove handle by unscrewing it.  
    ICO Spiralizer Manual
      • Screw handle onto steel shaft facing the correct direction.

    ICO Spiralizer Manual

          2. ENGAGE Suction

    • Place spiralizer on a smooth, clean surface.  
    • Press down firmly on the end of the device where the suction is located, and bring lever back to engage the suction base and ensure that it is firmly in place.  
    ICO Spiralizer Manual
    • Push the lever back to its original position to release the suction.
    ICO Spiralizer Manual

    OPTIONAL: If needed, a little water on the suction can help create a good seal.

    ICO Spiralizer Manual
      • 4 BLADE Options
    ICO Spiralizer Blade #1ICO Spiralizer Blade #2ICO Spiralizer Blade #3ICO Spiralizer Smooth Fixed Blade
    4.  INSERT Blade
      • To MAKE Spirals: Insert one of the 3 shredding blades into gap on blade board and push back on numbered table to lock blade in place.
    ICO Spiralizer Manual
    • REMOVE shredding blade by carefully pushing it to the right.
    ICO Spiralizer Manual
    • TO MAKE Ribbons:  USE the smooth fixed blade on the spiralizer. 
    ICO Spiralizer Manual



    1. PREPARE vegetable by cutting it to size and cutting both ends flat.
    ICO Spiralizer Manual2.  PULL steel shaft back, and place vegetable onto the vegetable gripping arm.
    ICO Spiralizer Manual3.  PUSH steel shaft forward to fix vegetable into blade board. Make sure vegetable is firmly centered on fixing tube. The device is now ready for use!
     ICO Spiralizer Manual
    4.  MAKE Spirals: USING a shredding blade TURN handle clockwise to spiralize
       ICO Spiralizer Manual
      5. MAKE Ribbons:  USING the smooth fixed blade TURN handle clockwise to make ribbons 
      ICO Spiralizer Manual
      6.  CLEAN
        • After use, remove shredding blade (if it was used) and rinse with water. A light detergent may also be used, but do not use strong cleaning agents.
        • Clean the spiralizer with soap and water. Not recommended for use in a dishwasher.


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