USER MANUAL - NITRO KAFO 0.5L/ 1L + Cold Brew Glass Jar


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Cold Brew Prep

Kafo Brew Mason Jar PARTS

Kafo Brew Parts

In order to make Nitro Coffee you need cold brew coffee. 

Yield = 3 cups of cold brew

This is how to make cold ❄️ brew coffee ☕️:

1. ADD 1 cup (3.5oz) coarsely ground coffee into Nitro Brew filter

**ENSURE filter gasket is placed on filter correctly.

Nitro Kafo- 1 Cup coffee

2. ADD 3 to 3.5 cups of water to mason jar 

Nitro Kafo- 4 Cups Water

3. CLOSE tightly and STEEP in fridge or counter for 12 to 24 hours.

**ENSURE Lid gasket is placed correctly 

Nitro Kafo- Steep 12 hrs

4. After 12 or 24 hours, REMOVE Nitro Brew filter and discard coffee grounds.

Nitro Kafo- Remove Filter

5. The result is an intensely flavored and caffeinated coffee concentrate that must be diluted with water.  DILUTE to your preference, but we suggest cutting it 50/50 with water. This will lower the caffeine content and will mitigate the bitterness.

6. You may STORE cold brew inside the cold brew mason jar in the fridge for up to 5 days

7. To CLEAN Cold brew mason jar REMOVE silicon gaskets and place in the  Dishwasher!

**Gaskets are NOT dishwasher safe!


Nitro Coffee Prep

Nitro Kafo PARTS

Nitro Kafo Parts

This is how to prepare Nitro Coffee using Nitro Kafo 0.5L or 1L:

1. ADD 0.5L/1 Pint of diluted (or undiluted) cold brew to the 0.5L Nitro Kafo and 1L/1 Quart to the 1L Nitro Kafo; make sure it's cold ❄️. 

Nitro Kafo- Add Cold Brew
2.  PISTON and VALVE must be tightly screwed in place.
Insert Piston and Valve
3.  SILICON GASKET must be inserted tightly in headset.

4.  SCREW headset tightly onto bottle. 

Nitro Kafo- Headset on

5. SCREW stainless steel Nitro Nozzle onto headset.

Nitro Kafo- Nitro Nozzle

6. INSERT (1) 2g N2 cartridge into charger holder and SCREW on until all contents of charger release into bottle (a “sss” will be heard). 

*INSERT (1 or 2) 2g N2 cartridges to the 1L Nitro Kafo - check desired consistency with 1 cartridge first. 

**DO NOT use N2O chargers instead of N2 chargers as the result will be different.

Nitro Kafo- N2 charger

7. UNSCREW charger holder and DISCARD empty cartridge (a small amount of gas WILL escape when unscrewing, this is normal)

**DO NOT USE device with charger holder still attached. 

Nitro Kafo- Remove Charger

8. SCREW protector cap on

Nitro Kafo- Protector Cap

9. SHAKE Nitro Kafo 5 to 10 times to ensures gas thoroughly incorporates with the coffee

Nitro Kafo- Shake

10. SERVE by pressing LIGHTLY on the lever.

**DO NOT fully depress lever as the contents will shoot out with force. 

OPTIONAL - Add ice-cubes to the coffee 😊

Nitro Kafo- Pour


11.  You may keep your nitro cold brew in the Nitro Kafo for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. 

12. To CLEAN, remove all parts (nitro diffuser nozzle, valve, piston, and silicon gasket) from head to clean individually.  All parts are dishwasher safe


What's with the white box? 

We get asked this question from time to time. We spend every penny and ounce of energy we have on providing the best product possible. Also, a simple white box has the lowest impact since it's mass produced and doesn't use the plastic laminate found on most product boxes.