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Cold Brew Prep

In order to make Nitro Coffee you need cold coffee. The best/easiest way to make cold coffee is with a Cold Brew technique.

Yield = 3 cups of cold brew

This is how to make cold ❄️ brew coffee ☕️:

1. ADD 1 cup (3.5oz) coarsely ground coffee into Nitro Brew filter

**ENSURE filter gasket is placed on filter correctly.

Nitro Kafo- 1 Cup coffee


2. ADD 3 to 3.5 cups of water to mason jar 

Nitro Kafo- 4 Cups Water


3. CLOSE tightly and STEEP in fridge or counter for 12 to 24 hours.

**ENSURE Lid gasket is placed correctly 

Nitro Kafo- Steep 12 hrs


4. After 12 or 24 hours, REMOVE Nitro Brew filter and discard coffee grounds.

 Nitro Kafo- Remove Filter

5. The result is an intensely flavored and caffeinated coffee concentrate that must be diluted with water.  DILUTE to your preference, but we suggest cutting it 50/50 with water. This will lower the caffeine content and will mitigate the bitterness.


Nitro Coffee Prep

This is how to prepare Nitro Coffee using Nitro Kafo 0.5L or 1L:

1. ADD 0.5L/1 Pint of diluted (or undiluted) cold brew to the 0.5L Nitro Kafo and 1L/1 Quart to the 1L Nitro Kafo; make sure it's cold ❄️. 

 Nitro Kafo- Add Cold Brew

2. ENSURE silicon gasket is in place inside headset and SCREW headset tightly onto bottle. 

 Nitro Kafo- Headset on

3. SCREW stainless steel Nitro Nozzle onto headset.

Nitro Kafo- Nitro Nozzle

4. INSERT (1) 2g N2 cartridge into charger holder and SCREW on until all contents of charger release into bottle (a “sss” will be heard). 

*INSERT (1 or 2) 2g N2 cartridges to the 1L Nitro Kafo - check desired consistency with 1 cartridge first. 

**DO NOT use N2O chargers instead of N2 chargers as the result will be different.

Nitro Kafo- N2 charger

5. UNSCREW charger holder and DISCARD empty cartridge (a small amount of gas WILL escape when unscrewing)

**DO NOT USE device with charger holder still attached.

 Nitro Kafo- Remove Charger

6. SCREW protector cap on

Nitro Kafo- Protector Cap

7. SHAKE Nitro Kafo 5 to 6 times to ensures gas thoroughly incorporates with the coffee

Nitro Kafo- Shake

7. SERVE by pressing lightly on the lever. I like to add ice-cubes to the coffee 😊

Nitro Kafo- Pour