FAQs - Whipper

IS WHIPPER DISHWASHER SAFE? Some older versions of instruction manuals and/or packaging included with ICO products state that parts of the product can be cleaned in a dishwasher when using appropriate detergents. ICO no longer recommends dishwashing aluminum whipped cream dispensers, aluminum or plastic heads, or stainless-steel headsets. Only stainless steel bottles should be washed in the dishwasher. Only stainless steel bottles should be washed in the dishwasher.

Cream whippers should not be washed in a dishwasher because the high-water temperature can damage the plastic parts (whipper head and/or charger holder) and any accrued dishwashing detergent can cause the threading of the aluminum bottle to become corroded. This can affect the safety of the whipper. We recommend you wash all parts of your whipped cream dispenser whipper by hand.

CAN I USE FAT FREE MILK? No, a higher fat content is needed (at least 36% fat).  Coconut milk works very well for those who want a non-dairy option. 

CAN I USE MORE THAN ONE CARTRIDGE AT A TIME? No, we recommend using only 1 cartridge at a time. 

WHAT IS THE LINING ON THE INSIDE OF THE BOTTLE? The lining is a coating designed to make the device easier to clean and it is food-grade material that has been tested to meet or exceed USA and EU standards.

HOW LONG CAN I KEEP THE WHIPPED CREAM IN THE DISPENSER?  For the expiration period of the cream, which is usually 14 days.  Must be kept refrigerated.  Shake one or two times after storage and before using it again.

WHY IS MY WHIPPER NOT DISPENSING?  Either the contents have been over shaken or the head of the whipper including the piston was not thoroughly cleaned and their is a blockage.

HOW DO I OPEN THE DISPENSER AFTER USE?  Always make sure all of the gas has been released before attempting to open the dispenser by pressing on the lever to release all the gas. Once pressure is released, the dispenser can be opened. 

LEVER ON HEADSET IS STUCK, HOW DO I FIX IT?  The reason the lever wont move is because the piston is blocked.  A blocked piston will not move, and thus the lever cannot move either. Remember that the contents in the dispenser are under a lot of pressure. NEVER TRY TO OPEN THE HEAD OF A PRESSURIZED CONTAINER.  To release pressure follow the steps below: 

  • Only attempt to release the dispenser’s pressure without positioning your body over the whipper. 
  • DO NOT attempt to remove the device’s headset.
  • Unscrew both the decorator nozzle and the valve where the decorator nozzle attaches so that the piston is exposed.
  • Cover the exposed piston with a towel. The towel will absorb all the excess cream/preparation from the dispenser.
  • Firmly push down on the piston so that it moves, releasing the gas in the dispenser. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE.
  • The gas and preparation inside the dispenser will be released onto the towel.
  • Thoroughly clean the piston with the included brush, making sure you clean through both the horizontal hole and vertical hole it contains.