Mosa Thermo Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser, 0.5 L
Mosa Thermo Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser, 0.5 L
Mosa Thermo Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser, 0.5 L
Mosa Thermo Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser, 0.5 L - ICO USA STORE

Mosa Thermo Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser, 0.5 L

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  • HIGH QUALITY stainless steel dispenser to whip creams, flavored coffee toppings, delicate sauces, chef-style sweet and savory gourmet toppings and light yogurt mousses in seconds.
  • PROFESSIONAL applications for restaurant of home use with a beautiful mirror finish.
  • THERMO WHIPPER with dual wall to keep ingredients hot or cold. Use any temperature ingredients for hot and cold recipes. The thermo whipper will keep your ingredients hot or cold for a good period of time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC, fits perfectly in refrigerator door shelves for optimum storage.


  • Keep whipped cream fresh in the fridge up to two weeks.
  • Wash in warm soapy water


  • Includes a set of 2 stainless steel decorator nozzles, a charger holder, cleaning brush, and instruction manual

FAQs - Mosa Whipper

  • Why is gas escaping from the whipper?  
  • The cream whippers have a safety valve built into the head - it is located just below the thread that the charger holder screws on to. If you experience gas coming out of this valve it means that there is a problem with your whipper that you may be able to solve yourself. Here is a list of likely causes:
  • Too much pressure in the whipper. This may be because you are filling it with too much cream or because you have charged it with more than the recommended number of chargers. Please use 1 for 1/2L.
  • The outlet valve (which is attached to the trigger release) may be blocked - please dismantle the whipper head and clean the gas outlet valve with the bristle brush that came with the whipper.
  • The inlet valve (which pierces the cartridge) is frozen causing it to be blocked. If you are in a cold climate and using the whipper in a high volume operation ice may block the inlet valve. We suggest alternating between two whippers so that the ice has time to melt.
  • The inlet valve is damaged - this part cannot be replaced unfortunately.
  • Why is gas escaping from where the head screws into the body?
    This is likely caused by a damaged or missing silicone head seal. These are available as a spare part on the website. It may also be caused by a damaged thread. Please inspect the thread of the head and the whipper regularly. If they are damaged you must stop using the whipper. Return to us and we will advise.
  • Why is no cream coming out of the whipper and no gas is coming  out of the outlet (dispensing valve)?
    The outlet valve is likely to be blocked. Cream may have set in the valve blocking it. You should not use any solid ingredients with the whipper - granulated sugar or chocolate flakes for example will block the valve. You can easily dismantle the dispensing valve to clean it by taking off the head. However you must first release the pressure in the whipper by allowing the gas out. If the outlet dispensing valve is blocked you should unblock it first by unscrewing the nut holding the decorator on and then using a paper clip to poke a hole into the valve to allow the gas out - use the trigger to release the gas. Then push the valve out from the outlet side. Soak in warm water and clean using the cleaning brush that comes with the whipper.
  • Why is only gas coming out of the whipper?
    This is probably because the cream is too thick to be dispensed. Always use 'whipping cream' with your whipper. Double cream will set inside the whipper so this must not be used. Also if you shake the cream too much in the whipper it may set.
  • Why is the cream coming out too runny?
  • Make sure you are using whipping cream - single or double cream are not suitable.
  • If you are using whipping cream then you probably haven't shaken the whipper enough - please shake it vigorously about 6-8 times to thicken the cream. However if you shake the whipper too much (like 2 dozen times) you could thicken the cream so much it is too thick to be propelled out of the whipper!


Tips - Mosa Whipper

  • Use whipping cream.
  • Fill with no more than 1/2L of cream
  • Shake vigorously to mix the gas with the cream (4-6 times).
  • Rinse whipper after each use to clear foamed cream from the inside.
  • You should rinse the whipper after each use to clear it of lightly foamed cream. If you don't rinse this foam out the gas will be unable to mix with the cream.
    Please ensure that you clean the whipper after every period of use. Also implement a regime to regularly inspect the whipper for damage. If the bottle or head are dented the whipper must be discarded. All other parts are replaceable - see spare parts section on our website.
  • Caring for Stainless Steel
    We advise customers that stainless steel is not completely 'rust-proof' - it will resist rusting but if left in contact with water for long periods it will start to corrode - so please ensure each evening that you wash-up and dry your equipment.
  • Do not leave sitting on wet surfaces overnight or it will rust.

 Temperature warnings:

  • Cream whippers must not be frozen. Minimum temperature 3C.
  • Cream whippers must not be frozen. Minimum temperature 3C.
  • Aluminium home-use whippers must never be used with hot ingredients.
  • Stainless steel whippers should not be used with very hot ingredients. Maximum temperature 75C.

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